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LENS Pendant Lamp

LENS Pendant Lamp

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Product Description

LENS Pendant Lamp, light refracted through a lens is the basic principle of optics. The two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their internal light sources, playing a symphony of light. And played an immortal symphony of light. The classic clear crystal is offset by a single color that accentuates its refraction. Highlight it refracts. Available in three different glass colours.

This BOMMA collection is not only outstanding in design and material choice, but also capable of creating unique lighting constellations. Thanks to a special hand-painting technique, the predefined colors of the Lens Collection can also be expanded with color variations of your choice. The attractive lighting design, together with the refined details of the cover panels, make this collection an extraordinary and extremely elegant interior element.

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Product Size

Dimensions: Diameter 16cm x H 20cm / ∅ 6.3″ x H 7.87″

3 Heads Size: Diameter 30cm x H 150cm / ∅ 11.81″ x H 59.06″

6 Heads Size: Diameter 35cm x H 150cm / ∅ 13.78″ x H 59.06″

9 Heads Size: Diameter 35cm x H 150cm / ∅ 13.78″ x H 59.06″

12 Heads Size: Diameter 60cm x H 150cm / ∅ 23.62″ x H 59.06″

26 Heads Size: Diameter 95cm x H 150cm / ∅ 37.4″ x H 59.06″


Material: aluminum, iron, glass

Color: White, Red, Clear

Process: electroplating

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb

Light source base type: G4 (as shown below)

Power: 15W

Voltage: AC 110~240V

Weight: 5kg / 11.02lbs

Control method: button switch (does not support bulb dimming)

Q: Does it support dimming?

A: Whether it supports dimming depends on what type of light bulb you buy. If you buy a dimmable light bulb, you can realize the dimming function of the light.

The bulb provided by default does not support dimming.

We provide 150cm/59.06in wire. can be extended on request
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keith Dorothea
Super cute!

It's exactly as describe. Very cute and small.

Nice Bottom and Top Of Stairs Light

These shine down exactly where you need the light to be.Installer installed them. He had to do some additional wiring at the top. They’re perfect!

Rice Lane
Happy Customer

Easy to install nice size and quality for price



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Duties & Taxes

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Care Instructions

Product Care Instructions
Daily cleaning: Feather duster electrostatically absorbs dust and sweeps away floating dust
  • 1. Ceiling light & chandelier
Both the ceiling lamp and the chandelier are hung at high places, and it is inconvenient to disassemble. The dust can be taken care of with a feather duster, and the cleaning detergent can be sprayed on the surface of the lamp body to soften for 5 minutes and then wiped dry with a soft cloth.
  • 2. Floor lamp
For the dirt on the base of the floor lamp, you can use a soft cloth dipped in detergent to clean the lampshade. You can first pour the special detergent on the rag, and then wipe the part where the rag is changed.
  • 3. Desk lamp
First wipe off the dust on the surface of the base, and then pour the liquid special detergent containing abrasives for metal products on a soft cloth and wipe it.
  • 4. Spotlight & Wall Light

Lamps in higher places need to clean the base, pay attention to power off, try to wipe with a dry cloth, etc. If you need to clean with water, detergent and other liquids, try to twist the rag to 90% dry, and be careful not to leave any residue on the lamps after cleaning liquid.

[Cleaning skills of various lamp shades]

Plastic and metal lampshade cleaning:
(1) Use a wrung rag to add all-purpose cleaner to wipe the dirt.
(2) Wipe off the remaining detergent ingredients with a well-wrung rag.
(3) Finally, use a dry, clean rag to wipe it again carefully.
Acrylic Lampshade Cleaning:
(1) Gently brush off the dust with a soft cloth such as flannel.
(2) After that, use a dry, clean rag to wipe it again carefully.
Cloth, paper lampshade cleaning:
(1) First, remove the dust with an anti-static duster.
(2) After that, wipe off the dirt with the rag of Yu. Product Care Instructions.
Copper material: Soft rag soaked in some professional cleaning products, wipe the surface of the copper material chandelier
Glass material: A soft cloth can be wiped clean with diluted glass cleaner.